3 years ago I became a grandma or a “Mumsy” as my kids call me. Something happened to me that I cannot explain- I needed a homestead for my grandkids. Luckily, my husband was willing to go along with it and so we bought 5 acres in Northern California. Since then, we have added 3 more grandkids for a total of four. They all live about 3 miles from us and are frequent visitors.

The ranch was not exactly what I wanted when we bought it, so, we got to work. And by “we”, I mean we hired people to do the work. :-) We started out by tearing out all of the travertine and putting in an engineered wood. Here are some before and after pics. The kitchen was my favorite part of the remodel- we painted the cabinets white and then put in soap stone, and of course a big farm sink. The second island really bugged me, so we took it out and I made a farm table from a table I bought with the house. We love this table- we sit there all the time and it was a great decision. (My husband was not sure it was going to work).


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