Nancy with the ‘no man’s band”

“Life is a like a symphony- we each play an instrument with a designated part with specific notes weaving into harmonizing melodies.   In a symphony we each have times where we play furiously, passionately, or even quietly- and the conductor listens and hears what we are playing-  just as he knows every note, every rest, and he cues us to great heights and soft lows while seeming to feel every nuance of the music.  I want to play my part- and play it well, feeling satisfied when the song is over that it was the best that it could be.”   NH


I have a passion for music and especially- worship, I have a desire to share the stories of God working in my life.  God’s power and has changed me, healed me, carried me, and called me to glorify His name through Worship.  Calling me to, not only sing praises, but to tell others about my Lord Jesus.


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